The hunt for volunteers: Teachers

by Carol

Funny thing about volunteers: They don’t always volunteer to volunteer. So where do you find volunteers?

Since we’re coming up on VBS season and recruiting time for Fall Bible studies, let’s start with finding volunteers for teaching positions:

+ Past (inactive) teachers – check the old class rosters or teacher lists

+ Substitutes (especially regulars and rotating subs)

+ Assistant teachers

+ Graduates of the church’s teacher training class or workshop

+ Members who participated in outside training events (sponsored by denominations, other churches, parachurch ministries, publishers, etc.)

+ Teachers of other types (example: children’s choir directors who enjoy teaching children spiritual truths)

+ Leaders from special events (example: VBS teachers become Sunday School teachers, or Sunday School workers become VBS teachers)

+ New members of the church (but not brand new believers, of course)

+ Regular class members (This obviously doesn’t work with kids and youth.)

+ Seminary / Bible college / college students

+ Someone with a link to the group (example: family member or friend for a class of older adults)

+ Staff member who can mentor a new volunteer

+ Individuals outside of the target group (example #1: singles who do not have kids, but who might have a desire to work with kids; example #2: an older couple who would like to love on young singles)

+ Two-fer teams – 2 couples who can rotate (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off)

These are just some of the obvious ideas. Leave a comment if you have other ideas!